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The professional's law firm

Professional defense:
Our litigators represent and defend attorneys, employers, owners’ associations, bankruptcy creditors, and licensed professionals.

Trial ready:
We are trial attorneys with significant experience in litigation across myriad areas of practice.

Experienced counsel:
Our team has extensive experience in licensing disputes, bankruptcy proceedings, and administrative hearings and proceedings.

News & Updates

Colo. Supreme Court: Presence of 3rd Party Waives Attorney-Client Privilege
The Colorado Supreme Court  entered an opinion resolving an attorney-client privilege issue that has long been open under Colorado law – whether and when the presence of a non-client destroys the atto[...]
Second circuit recognizes sexual orientation as protected class; Supreme Court next?
In late February 2018, the Second Circuit, sitting en banc (full panel), became the second federal appellate court (joining the Seventh Circuit) to recognize sexual orientation as a protected class un[...]
Updated - Status of Community Association Manager Regs in Doubt?
April 11, 2018 Yesterday, the Colorado Senate's Finance Committee postponed indefinitely consideration of House Bill 18-1175. As one Senate staffer told me: The Bill is dead. HB18-1175 seeks to [...]

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Ronald H. Nemirow
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Kevin P. Perez
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Miles L. Buckingham
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Nancy D. Miller