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Experienced attorneys with significant trial experience

Experienced litigators…

The attorneys of Nemirow Perez cut their teeth working on matters assigned by the insurers of our clients. Insurance companies are sophisticated consumers of legal services: they do not accept unreasonable rates; they want to know what a case will cost early on in the matter; and they want to be regularly updated. The attorneys of Nemirow Perez provide their clients with strong, professional representation, enhanced by regular status reports, and prompt responses to inquiries. Our clients want the best, most efficient legal services a law firm can offer. We strive, everyday, to provide just that.

…With a 17th St. resume.

We think everyone is entitled to the responsiveness and professionalism that an experienced team of attorneys can provide. Whether our clients seek us out directly, or are referred to us by their insurer, our dedication and loyalties lie with our clients, their needs, and the needs of their practices or businesses.