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NP in the Community – Nancy Miller Volunteers with Tribal Wills Project

  • April 28, 2017
  • Miles Buckingham
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In January, 2017, Nemirow Perez attorney Nancy D. Miller served as  supervising attorney and team-member as a part of the Tribal Wills Project. Working with twenty-two University of Denver Strum College of Law students, one student from Vermont Law School, and other supervising attorneys, Miller prepared wills and basic estate documents for tribal members in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

The team served clients from eleven different tribes or nations, including:  Navajo, Pawnee, Hualapai, Quechan, Bannock, Fort Yuma Quechan, Gila River Indian Community, Colorado River Indian Tribes, AK Chin Indian Community, San Carlos Apache Tribe, and Minnesota Chippewa Nation. the Tribal Wills Project clients came from Phoenix, Tempe, Window Rock, Casa Grande, Teecnopas, and beyond. One client drove all the way from Sacramento, CA when he learned that wills were being prepared for members of his tribe, the Gila River Community. The oldest client was 92, a Navajo man who came from Window Rock, AZ.

The the Tribal Wills Project is a project launched by the University of Denver Strum College of Law that prepares wills for tribal members in  the Southwest. DU law students volunteer their time to prepare wills which are reviewed by supervising attorneys, at no cost to the tribal members.

Ms. Miller says that the experience was inspiring and fulfilling:
“It was a privilege and honor  to represent the clients and to work with dedicated law students and other seasoned attorneys. This pro bono activity is a commitment to the legal and tribal communities and an opportunity for cultural enrichment and cross-cultural understanding.”