Virtual General Counsel

Legal counsel as-needed for small businesses

Small business owners are busy, and operate on a lean budget. Losing up-time to the legal and regulatory side of operating a business means lost revenue, lost opportunities, and lost business. The lawyers of Nemirow Perez P.C. (a small business, itself) are able to help on an as-needed basis, but without the sizable overhead of in-house or corporate counsel.

We offer a comprehensive slate of legal services for your company’s specific needs and budget. Employment, liability, governmental regulation and operations, business formation, contracts and negotiations are just some of the services we can provide your small business.

The lawyers at Nemirow Perez P.C. are here to help with every step your small business takes. As your virtual general counsel, we can get you past the first steps with business formation and operating agreements. And we’ll be there with there when you take bigger steps with employee contracts, handbooks, and internal investigations/reviews). And if your company is forced to step into a legal fight that cannot be resolved, we are seasoned litigators who can try a case in courtroom or through arbitration.

We serve businesses throughout Colorado, and are now available to serve businesses in Tennessee, as well, with our second office in Chattanooga. The attorneys of Nemirow Perez are here to help your business thrive. Contact us today to let us know how we can help.