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Professional defense:
Our litigators represent and defend attorneys, employers, owners’ associations, bankruptcy creditors, and licensed professionals.

Trial ready:
We are trial attorneys with significant experience in litigation across myriad areas of practice.

Experienced counsel:
Our team has extensive experience in licensing disputes, bankruptcy proceedings, and administrative hearings and proceedings.

News & Updates

A community association manager (“CAM”) who was the subject of an investigation initiated by the Director of the State’s CAM program was cleared, and the matter brought against the manager’s license w[...]
Employment Law: Mass. Medical Marijuana Users Have Standing to Sue
On Monday, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court recognized standing to sue in an employee who was terminated for using medical marijuana. The Mass. order stands in direct contrast to recent decisi[...]
Corporate Culture / Corporate Faith - Masterpiece Gets Cert to SCOTUS
On June 26, 2017 the US Supreme Court said it would decide whether a business has the right, under the First Amendment, to deny services to a class of people protected under a state anti-discriminatio[...]

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